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MonaVie your Vehicle to Financial Freedom

In 2005 MonaVie was born in the Utah USA and markets its high premium quality products through its unique network marketing and distribution plan. MonaVie is a manufacturer of superb quality, cost effective and environmental friendly nutritional products made from an special blend of the exotic acai berry which is found only in the heart of the Amazon.

It is a unique business opportunity with its annual sales being in the vicinity of $2.1 billion and on the fast track to reach phenominal targets. What is unique about MonaVie is its extraordinary netwok marketing business.

The very mission of the MonnaVie is to provide outstandingbusiness opportunities to individuals to enhance and enrich their lives. That is why MonaVie has used the MLM way of doing business by leveraging the power of network marketing through special relationship.

You can develop your business at your own pace. The primary reason for the out of the ordinary success of MonaVie is because it offers any entrepreneur with a desire to improve her style of living, an chance to set up his own business at minimal investment costs and effectively no financial risk. The individual distributors can develop their internet marketing business on a part time, or full time basis.
It is an equal business opportunity provided for all individuals who would like to better their lives. The innovative approach of MonaVie towards product formulation, customer marketing and the provision of entrepreneurial opportunity have had a profound effect on the lives of their distributors across the world. This equal opportunity home based business has improved the standard of lives of hundreds if not thousands of individuals who have grabbed this internet marketing business opportunity by the horns and started their own organization.
MonaVie has been producing fantastic products thus assuring them of tremendous sales and multiple off takes with recuring orders from loyal customers. MonaVie brand of elite health and nutritional products are the result of exclusive blend of the exotic acai berry and other rare fruits each having its own nutritional value. Such excellent products which form the base of the distributors home based business are designed to provide a healthy and active lifestyle. The quality of the products helps them to increase their sale and to create a bigger customer base.
MonaVie has become the most popular and has the fastest growth in MLM companies. It has acted as the vehicle for financial stability of many of its agents. Monavie has a support criteria which helps the distributors to successfully build their home based business. The distributor does not have to invest heavy money howeverthe only investment is his time and devotion.
The distributor is paid commissions at various levels of his achievement. The payment plan like all payment plans need to be studied but Monavie will tell you that theirs is one of the best in the MLM industry. So with a lot of effort and hard work as a distributor you should generate large commisions and will build a solid residual income. The only way to achieve that is to help as many people as possible build their business,for mlm is a wonderful opportunity that will give people the chance to fulfill their dreams while helping Monavie become one of the biggest companies in MLM History