Is The Usana Compensation Plan Fair A Detailed Review Uncovers The Truth

Usana has been in business since 1992 and ever since they have stated that the Usana compensation plan is the best in the network marketing industry. But is the binary compensation plan really the best?

The Usana’s compensation plan is known as a Binary comp plan which is based on building two divisions in your network marketing organization. Independent distributors are given the rights to promote and build their own ‘home based business’ with Usana, as long as they follow certain guidelines. But why is there so much buzz around the Binary compensation plan being the best? Well, let’s first have a look at what it takes to build a Usana business.

In order to take full advantage of the compensation plan, Usana distributors are responsible for two main activities;

1) Connect the customer with their health care and personal care products.

2) Build a team of business partners who are interested in doing the same.

And that is it. How important is the Usana compensation plan to your success with the Business? Well, there is hot debate on which comp plan is the best, but let’s have a look at why Usana states that they have the best.

First, you want a compensation plan that will leverage your efforts through the organization that you build. Usana seems to satisfy this requirement for all purchases made it an organization will benefit the whole team.

Also, the Usana comp plan is based on the “power of two”. Ideally, if each person finds two people to join the business and work together, everyone would have a thriving business. This is good news for the average network marketer never enrols more than 3 people in their business opportunity. So knowing this fact, it seems that Usana’s compensation plan is attractive.

What is the downfall with the Usana’s compensation plan? Well, it’s not really in the comp plan itself – it’s in people’s ability to tap into the compensation plan and make it work. More specifically, it is in their understanding of How To build the Usana business.

Looking at their continuous record breaking growth year after year, there is no question that the Usana comp plan works. But the average Usana distributor still struggles building their business for they are only taught to build with traditional methods. These methods include face-to-face coffee shop presentations, home parties, hotel meetings, to name a few. These tactics where perhaps effective in the late 80’s, but not many associates feel comfortable building this way.

The Usana compensation plan works, if you know how to effectively market and promote the business. Make sure to check out the link below to learn more strategies on how you can build a successful Usana business.