Reasons Not To Recruit Your Warm List For Your Home Based Business

Every home based business’s corporate office knows the value of a website. The crazy thing is, they all have a website but very few of them teach representatives to use the Internet to recruit new people. Unbelievably, some of them even discourage it even though just having a website is a form of marketing online.

Nearly every home based business’s company asks sponsors to teach “old school” business building techniques that were used before the Internet was invented. The first task of every new sign-up is to start building a “warm list” which is a personal contact list. They even give you a memory jogger to help you remember every possible contact you ever had.

There is a principle in marketing called attraction marketing that would instruct you to never use such a list as your prospect pool. Not only would it be a waste of time but it could be the beginning of the end of your career in this industry. Here are 9 reasons not to use this strategy and why attraction marketing would be used instead.

1. When you use that memory jogger you will be putting names on your list from years ago. Many of those people have probably moved away and many of the women will have married and changed their name making it impossible to find their phone numbers.

2. There will be people who are not in position to take advantage of your opportunity. There are a myriad of reasons for this including divorce, unemployment, disease, etc… Your time writing their names down and searching for them will be a complete waste. Time is one thing you cannot replace, you can lose money and replace it but wasted time is gone forever.

3. No experienced marketer would EVER try to sell anything to someone who has not expressed an interest in whatever the marketer has. Approaching a stranger about your offer is the same as selling watches on the street corner. It also suggests to your prospect they will have to use the same methods for their business.

4. The friends and relatives on that list who know you best will know that you are a beginner at this and it would be a huge risk to join you in a business and you are a beginner who may have never even owned your own business. When people join others in business they find leaders or experts and join them because they need someone who knows what they are doing.

5. Most new people don’t know how much work will be required to succeed and will have a false sense of what it tales. This could lead to desperation if things don’t go smoothly and that will cause you to chase people hard which will cause your friends to turn against you and family to avoid you.

6. The average numbers of those who will sign up in this industry is around 5% of all those you contact. That means your personal contact list is very limited considering the number of people you will need to approach to get enough signed up to earn a decent check.

7. Most of the time your sponsor will help you approach these people because he knows your chances of sticking with it are around 5% and he wants to work his way through YOUR list. To him it is a numbers game and his list has long been gone so he wants your list.

8. Some of the people on your list may not even be friends and could be neighbors whose kids have rolled or egged your home. Why would you want to present them with a potential gold mine?

9. 50% of everyone you know has either bought a network marketing product or been exposed to an opportunity and have already decided they are not open to the industry. In fact once you get good at your new job you still will only be able to sign up 5% of those you talk to.

Attraction marketing would teach you how to position yourself where those looking for what you have can find you. Your army of ads would be like your products on shelves. Your system would run 24 hours a day and it would potentially make hundreds of presentations each day for you.