Online Home Based Business Marketing

Are you taking pleasure in or enduring your online home based business marketing? And the origin source is just absence of self self-control.

Personal Bondage, though can take place to any internet marketing expert at any type of degree of excellence, takes place mainly with newbies (new individuals on the Web). Everything seems difficult and difficult to the individual: advertising and marketing approaches, generation of leads and quality traffic, and so on.

Another point that can create individual bondage is undesirable competition. Competitors is great but when it ends up being a do or perish affair, after that it ends up being harmful. It will certainly engulf all your thoughts and time; affect your connections and viewpoint to life.

Individual liberty, one of the advantages of home-based business is attainable and can be preserved. I have below 4 actions to accomplish this.

4 actions to take pleasure in and maintain individual flexibility.

1. Decide on the appropriate home based business ideal for you.

Your option of company will certainly influence the level of flexibility you will enjoy. It must not be the kind that will demand more compared to you can offer. As I explained in my write-up- Best ways to Choose A Home-Based Business Today, you have to consider just how much time you could place in to business prior to ending on it

2. Have a company schedule and adhere to it.

Rome was not built in one day, so enable your online company marketing to slowly increase. At times you might need to work overtime, it should not become a practice.

3. Update your data base.

A word of caution though- just apply ideas that can be done within your spending plan and are adaptable to your on the internet house based business. Every successful company requires persistance and time.

4. Self self-control

You have to discipline you specifically in areas of time administration and self development. Numerous individuals know exactly what is right yet lack the self discipline to carry it out. Discipline your emotional states: worry, anger, pride, and so on. Do not enter silly competitions. There will certainly always be someone prior to and after you in the hierarchy of success.

You are meant to appreciate personal liberty from your online home business marketing not to withstand individual bondage. It is your obligation to take steps to attain this flexibility. Obtain started and see you at the best.

Are you taking pleasure in or enduring your online home based business marketing? As I explained in my short article- Just how To Choose A Home-Based Company Today, you require to think about how much time you could place into the business before ending on it

Rome was not constructed in one day, so permit your online business advertising and marketing to progressively expand. A word of caution though- only execute concepts that could be done within your budget and are versatile to your on the internet home based business. You are suggested to appreciate individual independence from your online home based business marketing not to sustain personal bondage.

Typing Work In Home Based Data Entry Jobs

The first thing we think we are home for most of the data entry. I mean, you can type quickly and surely someone out there a good work at home typing work, we can draw. And then we will teach you …

First, we understood that with modern technology, employers need to hire their jobs typing or data entry is virtually nonexistent want. It’sa shame because we all know that people like nurses, doctors, truck drivers, there are almost all trades on paper are dropped today.

A nurse, for example, no time even to take a real nursing care he spent hours recording every detail – but then maybe, it’s impossible to take them to hire labor to work at home For.

But be aware there are scammers / typing work at home jobs for which they have a small label that we like to attract flies to its label scam thousands of people are looking for data entry Healer. Many of these scams data entry – a small amount before you get all the information you are required to send to …

Therefore we believe that, “Well, what’s $ 39 – as well as I can try it …” We send money and we really did the same thing when they are a tool for us now. Advertise for us and write about work at home data entry jobs, telling people to turn the place over the Internet $ 39 – pay every blah, blah, blah transaction …

Typing work at home jobs – the same scenario ….

Envelope work at home jobs – the same …

I think people who are in search for jobs on the Internet for thousands feel bad – it ran for a while until you run out of space to place your ads, because human nature is naturally inquisitive They have very good sound .. ..

– Then – it’s just $ 39 and we have learned our lessons well. The good news is that we now start looking for real work at home opportunities can. I personally have been looking for years working on things house, they (I have a lot of how some of them – LOL about trying to figure out) and I came to the conclusion that there is actually a “No such thing as work at home job” until you TV commercials, etc. .. For incoming calls to work for a company like Western home

In fact the most work at home opportunities home based business, where an initial investment is considered, you have a product or service to market using the Internet and network marketing are allowing. I finally found one and I work from home can access the internet and network marketing. This is a very good way to do it, but it is not getting rich quick – it is a business, and there is no difference between offline and online business opportunities, the fact that it should work!

Good thing that I could be here for my children and also with any job I can do than there is!

How To Open A Kids Store Online With A Free Startup Kit

I assume that you have a real passion for children and you want to take that passion further and you are just exploring some opportunities to open a kids store online. This is about home based kids business opportunities that enable you to start your own online kids supply store.

As with any business, if you want to devote a lot of your time to your online kids supply store, you can do really well. If you devote less time you can do it as a part time venture. It’s up to you.

If you decided to open a kids store online, you would have access to over 70 million homes and part of the billions that are spent on kids products online every year. You can grab as little or as much as that fortune that you desire. It’s within you to make it happen.

When you open your online kids store, you will instantly get a free kit that includes your own kids supply store that has an up and running inventory hosting many different types of popular kids products, free and instant set up and activation, free consultation in marketing, reports on cash flow/finances and guides on marketing and business start up.

Once you sign up to open a kids store online, you will get everything that you need to run profitable online kids shop business that makes money for you 24 hours a day, even when you are asleep, at work or on holiday. You will receive a marketing guide that explains how to get visitors to your online store. There are many ways to get tons of targeted traffic that you can check out after you have your online kids supply store up and running. You will have no employees to worry about either.

As for the inventory and shipping, that is all taken care of so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of your online kids store.

Starting any business IS hard work to begin with. The beauty of it is that you are more likely to succeed when you open a kids store online because you have a genuine passion for kids and that will become evident as you start to make more and more money online. The rewards can be truly great.

Waiora Scam Or Home Business Opportunity

Waiora was founded in 2004 by Stanley Cherelstein and Eddie Stone. The two met when Cherelstein worked as COO of a previous MLM company–Rexall Showcase International. Mr. Stone was a top distributor in that company. Waiora company literature indicates that Waiora’s current management has more than 130 years of experience collectively, in the “direct selling and healthy-living industries.”

My intention here is not to express an opinion either for or against this company, its management, products, or business model. Rather, my goal is to provide information to interested readers who may have heard about a Waiora scam, and who are searching for a reliable home based business opportunity. A few advantages of a work from home business include the following:

1.Freedom from the demands of a boss telling you what to do
2.Freedom from a long commute
3.Work when you want and where you want
4.Freedom from office politics
5.Determine your own work attire (gym shorts and flip-flops are often okay)
6.Tax advantages that accompany owning your business
7.Earnings based primarily on how hard you choose to work

These advantages should apply to any home business, including Waiora.

Waiora has a professionally designed, beautiful website filled with glowing reports of its company, its products, management, and business opportunity. Their online brochure states: “We are the only company that provides more than 150 life-essential nutrients in a ‘one shot a day’ product (EDN) – providing 100 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of the vitamins and minerals that are critical to health. We are the only ones with an activated, liquid zeolite product (NCD) that detoxifies the body – eliminating the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to every day and have been exposed to for our entire lives. And, we’re the only company that has a patented Agaricus Blazei hybrid mushroom–a revolutionary immune enhancer (Agari Gold) that is so potent it’s being studied by the National Institutes of Health.”

Is there a Waiora scam? Let’s look at three areas in question: 1) products, 2) scientific research, and 3) management.

Waiora Scam Question #1 : Products

As might be expected, Waiora’s literature, management, and independent distributors rave about their products. Not everyone agrees. For instance, Penny-stock trader and advisor–Timothy Sykes–writes, “If anyone is still interested in the MLM-zeolite-Waiora scam perpetrated by Waiora and their volcanic wonder-supplement scam called NCD, take note that Lifelink Pharmaceuticals Inc. who holds Dr Harvey Kauffman’s patent on the Zeolite product, is currently suing Waiora (and its phony scientist and chief plagiarist Dietsch) for patent infringement.”* (2009 Note: I believe this lawsuit may have been settled.) .

Jonathan Treasure writes: “Let us be clear here. In relation to cancer, zeolite belongs in the same category as mangosteen, juice plus, noni, and all the other fad products that are marketed largely on the basis of financially interested ‘distributors’ who have no clinical, scientific, or natural product training or expertise but who have vested interest in product promotion. These are not proven therapeutic agents – period.” He also wrote: “the main real world use of the stuff is as a cheap throw away substitute for activated charcoal in removing toxic metals from industrial waste water in third world countries that cannot afford the superior efficacy of charcoal due to its expensive recycling costs. The main ingredients are inorganic (it is ground up volcanic ash) principally aluminum and silicon; both these elements are associated with significant toxicity in humans.

Treasure continues, “The zeolite zealots having undergone a religious conversion experience are focused on downline and the pot of gold at the end of the downline rainbow, and are apparently unconcerned with mundane biological realities. The bottom line is, zeolite is likely not absorbed at all. (If it was you would likely be in trouble from aluminum or silicon toxicity.) Either way, meaningful data establishing absorption levels or toxicity is unavailable.” (Zeolite Zealots: MLM mineral anticancer scam. Feb 24, 2006. )**.

Waiora Scam Question #2: Research

“Author Jake Reimer ruthlessly debunks the credentials of Rik Dietsch, Waiora’s so-called chief scientific advisor who authored the ‘Scientific Research Document.’ But particularly amusing is a neat pdf file from Reimer showing Dietsch’s document side-by-side with abstracts of articles which he literally cut and pasted to ‘write’ his article.” (May 14, 2007)**

Author Jonathan Treasure says: “Dietsch is apparently a chemistry graduate who is described as an “adjunct professor” at Atlantic Florida University in the dept of continuing business education. Not according to that university’s web site, where there is no trace of him. Maybe the downliner zealots should look into this obvious facade of pseudo-scientific respectability and Mr Dietsch’s credentials before they push their MLM product and make anticancer claims based on these phony “authorities” and their junk white papers with fabricated study claims about cancer cures.”**

Waiora Scam Question #3: Management

Waiora founder, President, and CEO Stan Cherelstein generates controversy as well. For example, Waiora company literature states:

“You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your electrical wiring. Yet some companies use that same logic with their management teams – bringing in executives from unrelated industries to run their network marketing operations. Not at Waiora. Our executive and management team is skilled where it counts – in running a profitable, debt-free, operation that is rewarding and secure for our distributors. With combined experience of over 130 years in successful network marketing, we are a team driven and dedicated to help you be successful. When you join Waiora, you aren’t just joining a company – you’re becoming part of our family.”

Stock adviser Timothy Sykes counters:

“Good ‘ole Stan Cherelstein is president & CEO of the MLM Waiora and has a rather colorful past full of embezzlement charges & FTC false advertising. He was controller for Phar-Mor during a period when the company embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars, and was subsequently sued by investors.”*

FRONTLINE: By Jim Gilmore, Paul Judge, and Paul Solman (Nov 8, 1994.)

“The story of Phar-Mor is a tale of fraud, one of the largest in American corporate history, but it’s also a modern morality play in which previously honest people, hired more or less at random, sustained the fraud for years.”***

Stan Cherelstein was the Controller for Phar-Mor during that time. When interviewed by FRONTLINE, he said, “We had cabinets stuffed with held checks at the company that had been generated out of the accounts payable system, but we couldn’t mail them because if we mailed them, the checks would have bounced. So they kept accumulating and accumulating.” ***

Is there a Waiora scam? Should you consider Waiora as a work from home business opportunity? You and you family’s future will be affected your decision. My suggestion is to do your own research and due diligence before investing your precious time and money into any new business. I certainly have. And after much research, I chose a business that has worked out perfectly for me. I wish the same for you.

*Timothy Sykes Online: . October, 2009
** Author Jonathan Treasure March, 2006
***FRONTLINE: “Since 1983, FRONTLINE has served as American public television’s flagship public affairs series.”

This is a Quick Guide on How to Set Up a Twitter Account

Head to

– Click on the sign up box

– Put your full name in the first box

– Put in your user name ( now remember if you are trying to brand your self for a marketing reason, you will want to use that same name as your website, blog, Facebook account, MySpace, LinkedIn and any other sites you have signed up with.) This will allow anyone looking for you online find all your valuable content.This all ties into social networking!

– Put in your email and password

– You will then want to go into settings and upload a picture of you smiling and or having a good time especially if you are in sales or marketing of any sort.

– Make sure you check ” Let others find me by email address”

– Choose whether you want geotagging on or off, which enables third party applications to pinpoint your location when you tweet. (good idea if you are setting up a Twitter account for your children on their phones)

– Choose whether you want your tweets protected or not – this only allows people that you approve to follow you to see your tweets.

– Go into “Settings” then “Mobile” which allows you to register your cell number and tweet from your phone by texting to number 40404 ( just remember that tweets are only allowed to be 140 characters to where standard texts are 160 – so be careful)

– Its also a great idea to insert a bio about you, people do want to know who you are and what you like, remember this is social networking.

– If you have a website or blog put that info in the box that says “web box”

– Its also a good idea to get away from the standardized background that everyone else has, be original, be exciting, be fun, while you can pay for a really glamorous background, I have had great luck and some really great free backgrounds at

– If you also have websites or accounts on Facebook, The home Based Business Network, LinkedIn, TweetMeMe, EzineArticles, Squidoo or any other site, it’s a good idea to set these up in the “connections” area which will allow you to tweet the content from those popular sites.

– OK now that you are set up and want to start tweeting there are a few things that you might want to know. Tweets cannot be any longer than 140 characters and there are following and followers rules. The rule is once you arrive at the 2000 mark you always have to keep the difference between the two at 10 percent. If you don’t follow this rule you will be kept from following anymore until your followers have caught up to at least 10 percent. Also if you are using Twitter to market a service or product you really need to provide some valuable content like quotes,articles,videos or news updates, the rule of thumb is for every “tweet” of your business you need to “tweet” three valuable content tweets.

– You have the ability to go in and “Find people” and you can find them by groups,friends,their email or Twitter name. Once you put in a name like ” Jim Smith begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting” you will see a list of people or businesses with that name on the left, on the right you will have three boxes. The first box says “follow” which clicking on that gives you a green arrow meaning you are now following that person,the second box says “manage lists” meaning you can put people you are following in different lists, the third box gives you more options main one you will use is unfollow that person if you chose.

– Occasionally you will get a “DM” which means Direct Message from someone, its good karma to answer them back as long as it’s a legitimate message, again remember this is social networking

– If you get into thousands or tens of thousands of following and followers you may consider a few tools to help you manage the marketing aspect if that is what your doing. Tools like Social Oomph which allows you to set up tweets in advance, Friend or Follow which filters people that you are following but not following you and Hummingbird that is a automation program to name a few to help you generate more tweets and followers.

– So this is just a general overview of how to set up a Twitter account, I hope it helps you get through the initial set up.

– I only request that if you find this information helpful and you are up and tweeting that you follow me at robertdstrong and send me a tweet saying ” thank you Robert for the Twitter Twaining it was Twawesome”

– One last word of wisdom on Twitter – if you read some good content or watch a good video sent through Twitter it’s a good idea to get in the practice to “ReTweet” so it goes out to your followers as well.

– Talk to you later, Robert

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