A glance into The Fourth Kind

The clip for the chilling alien abduction suspenseful story “The Fourth Kind”, which premiers in theaters Nov. 6, bears an instant stamp of authenticity: A straight-faced Milla Jovovich strolls toward the camera while identifying herself as the actress portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler, the movies heroine. In succeeding quick-cut scenes, several of which look like home video footage, Jovovich interrogates frightened patients, all of whom recount similarly ominous extraterrestrial encounters. At least one individual appears to fall into ancient Sumerian through hypnosis, and an expert talks regarding millennia-old hieroglyphics containing images of astronauts.

“This is a dramatization of events that occurred in Oct. 2000”, Jovovich intones. “Every scene in this movie is supported by archive footage”.

Neverthelessis it?

The motion picture revolves around a sequence of real-life disappearances that took place in Nome, Alaska caused, while the film suggests, by aliens. But at the same time as local newspapers have revealed, the FBI ruled the disappearances were due to too much alcohol consumption and the harsh winters. There’s a bio of Dr. Abigail Tyler on the net, cite an article she published within the June 1997 issue of the American Journal psychotherapy. Though neither Tyler’s employer nor her Alma Mater is listed, the journals name is rendered incorrectly (it’s American Journal of Psychiatry) and a colleague mentioned taking part in the bio, Dr. Samuel Burden, M.D., appears simply taking part in relationship with references to “The Fourth Kind” if searched for on-line.

Universal, the movies distributor, seems to be taking a page from the marketing lines of “The Blair Witch Project” and, more recently, “Paranormal Activity” two movies that had a documentary approach. Part of the fun of those films was based on the detail to facilitate they seemed real. (Both “The Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity” were fiction.) Of course, how real-sounding is a subplot around alien abductions, anyway? Universal has declined to comment on articles regarding questions on just how accurate the movie is.

One point approaching “The Fourth Kind” that seems based on truth: The alarmed state of the patients within the preview match real-life reactions of persons who believe they have been abducted by aliens, according to Christopher C. French, who teaches in the field of the psychology department at Goldsmiths College in London and routinely lectures on the matter of said alien abductions.

Although the film claims to be a reenactment of genuine events, several viewers who have seen the promo are still suspect of its validity. According to Anchorage Daily News, nobody has heard of Tyler, if she’s a real person or one more fabrication of the studio to make the film look like another “Blair Witch” project.

When the paper asked Universal if the whole movie is a fake, the studio had no comment

What Are The Three Ways To Join Ardyss International

Ardyss International is a network marketing company that is a part of the Health and Wellness Industry.

Ardyss was founded in 1989 in Mexico by Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon and his family.

Ardyss International started out as a direct selling company, but changed their business model to network marketing in May of 2007 when they moved their corporate headquarters to the United States in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are three options of enrollment to become an Ardyss Independent Distributor. There is a $30 Membership, a $140 Autsohip and a $299 Power Pack distributorship option. All three ways to join will be the base cost plus tax and shipping charges.

The $30 Membership is the entry-level position for Ardyss Independent Distributors. Ardyss will provide the $30 Member with an Ardyss I.D. number that will allow them to purchase the Ardyss products at wholesale prices and sell them retail.

With this option of enrollment, every dollar the Ardyss Independent Distributor made would come from product sales to customers.

In essence, they would buy wholesale, sell retail, and the difference would be their profit.

Secondly, there’s the $140 Autoship option.

Enrolling at the Autoship level would provide the Ardyss Independent Distributor with a Body Magic (the flagship reshaping garment for Ardyss International), four bottles of Le’Vive Juice (the flagship nutritional product for the company), a personalized Ardyss website, and eight additional ways of being compensated through the Ardyss Compensation Plan.

With this option of enrollment, the Ardyss Independent Distributor is commiting to purchasing a $100 autoship of any of the Ardyss Nutritional or Skin Care products, thus, the name “Autoship”.

Ardyss International will automatically ship the distributor’s products to their home each month and automatically debit whatever form of payment they put on file with them, be it a credit card or a bank draft.

Enrolling at this level would allow the Ardyss Independent Distirbutor to participate in the network marketing side of Ardyss International, by allowing them to introduce the business opportunity to others, and make bonuses and commissions on their production as well as their own.

The third and final option of enrollment with Ardyss International is through the $299 Customized Power Pack.

With this option, the Ardyss Independent Distributor can customize their Power Pack and select the Ardyss products they would like to receive to get their Ardyss business started.

They can select any Ardyss product from the Ardyss International Reshaping, Nutritional or Skin Care Lines, or any combination thereof.

Enrolling as a $299 Customized Power Pack provides the Ardyss Independent Distributor three additional forms of compensation: The Ardyss Power Pack Bonus, The Ardyss Power Start Bonus, and the Ardyss Power Start Matching Bonus.

Those three additional forms of compensation are only available to the $299 Customized Power Pack Ardyss Independent Distributors.

Those are the three options of enrollment with Ardyss International.

Grow Your Home Based Business By Outsourcing

As your home based business grows, you are going to quickly discover that you cant do it all. Wouldnt it be a relief to find reliable people that can help your business grow while you focus on more important issues? When you outsource to the right company, this can free you up to focus on tasks that make you the most money.

A popular solution is outsourcing. When you outsource, you hire experienced people and let them use their creative talents while you focus on other tasks. Another benefit is that the workers you hire may be more up to date on the latest information and technology in their specific fields and can be assets to your clients, as well, offering improved quality service.

The first step in outsourcing is looking at all the major tasks that you do to run your business. Look at your To Do list and office area and ask yourself, what do I do that someone else can do?

Look at your business and see what is piling up. Do you struggle responding to your customer service emails? Do you have articles to write but cant get finish them? Is your office dirty and you need someone to clean it? Do you have a software project that you need developed? These are a couple things that you can outsource.

Write out a description for each task that you think that you would like to outsource. Then write out exactly what you want done, when you would like it completed and how you would like the end product to look when completed.

Once you write out exactly what you want done, you need to research to find companies that can do the tasks that you need done.

Call around and surf the Internet and ask other home based business operators which companies they recommend. Check forum posts and inquire for advice and suggestions. Shop around for comparisons. Do your due diligence. You want to make sure that you choose the right outsourcing companies.

You want to take the time to research each company that you are considering, because if you choose the wrong company it could cost you a lot of money and time.

Remember, you are in charge. Set up a trial period with these companies. Dont lock into a contract. Look for people that communicate well and are flexible. Dont be afraid to try another company. Remember to always treat people kindly. Treat people the way that you would want to be treated. You may choose to go back to them later. Be thankful.

Keep in mind that you are spending money when you are outsourcing. You want to make sure that you are getting a good return on the investment that you are making. Is the time that you are saving being used wisely?

Outsourcing can be extremely expensive and can completely wipe out your budget. Make sure that you plan and research before you spend any money. There are many companies that will do what you want. Ask a lot of questions. Before you hire anyone, make sure that they can do the job that you need done.

When you are outsourcing a software development project, make sure that the companies that you choose to work with have developed similar software. Before you outsource software projects, you want to make sure you know exactly what you want the software to do, because you can spend a fortune on making changes.

If you are outsourcing software development, you can break up the payments that you need to make to them in four installments. This will keep the software developers motivated to work.

It is easy to just go with the first company that looks good. Dont be lazy. Do the research. Do your due diligence. It will pay off in the end.

Outsourcing can save you a lot of time and can help you make a lot more money, but if you choose the wrong company you could lose a lot of money. Keep charging ahead with your business. Dont quit. God bless you. Jesus loves you.

Home Based Business Scams – Tips on Avoiding Them

Maybe the reason you’re interested in setting up a home business is because you’ve seen an ad that perked your interest or you were approached by a friend or colleague about a great home business money-making opportunity and those entrepreneurial juices started to flow. Your imagination starts to flow and dreams of quitting your job fill your every thought.

Hello, hey, ok… time to stop dreaming. I hate to burst your bubble or stop your fantasy ride but before you give your boss a piece of your mind there’s a few things you need to consider.

First, you need to realize that probably 99% of all home business / work from home offers out there are flat out scams. After all, if it was that easy to pay a few dollars and make thousands, wouldn’t everyone be doing it by now and why tell you about it?

Below I’ve listed and briefly discussed how to recognize and avoid a few of the biggest scams out there.

Location Location Location Check out every offer and assume it’s a scam until you have iron-clad proof that it’s not. A few things to consider are: Where did you see that work from home offer? If you got it by traditional mail or by email or saw it on a poster taped around a telephone pole, then I can guarantee you right now that it’s not a legitimate offer. On the other hand, if you saw the ad in a newspaper, in a jobs magazine or on a jobs website, then it’s a little more likely to be legit – but not necessarily.

Envelope Stuffing Will this scam ever end? Well, not until people stop falling for it. This is the most established work-from-home scam of all time and it’s been going on for what seems like forever now. How it works is that once you pay your money and sign up to work from home, you are sent a set of envelopes and ads just like the one you responded to. The whole idea is to simply get names of people who are interested in home business ops and get a quick buck. You could make a little money if you mail to the right mailing list but don’t count it. Work from home offers like this are simply illegal pyramid schemes. You will not make money putting letters into envelopes – so get over it and move on!

Shoddy Supplies The practice of charging for supplies is hard to pin down to any one scam – it’s a common most work-at-home scams work (including the envelope stuffing scam mentioned above). You’ll be asked to make a minimal “investment” for whatever materials will be needed to do the work and then you’ll receive a collection of very shoddy materials that are worth a fraction of what you paid for them and last but not least you’ll soon realize that there was never a market for work anyway.

Don’t walk – run if anyone asks for money upfront. Any company worth its salt would be willing to deduct any “fees” from your first paycheck. Any company not willing to do that, is in all likely-hood simply out to scam you into giving them some upfront money and then as the saying goes “leaving dodge” as quickly as possible.

Home Based Business Opportunity Everywhere

With the pending release of new products on the market for the Home Internet Based Business Opportunity arena, competition has never been more fierce to get you to take on their methods. Some products are promoting themselves with titles such as “Who Loves Money”

The more and more of these that hit the market must make people think, “Well if they are making all this money online using these methods then how come you are selling them and not just doing them?” The answer is simple, there is just as much money, if not more, to be made from selling you the ideas that have made them money.
For example if I have made $100,000 in a month using a particular technique then I write how the technique works and supply a good grounds on how and why it works you are more likely to purchase than if it is not proven. So they put it all in a nice little package (holding just a little back) you purchase it and then they offer you the killer bonus which is double the price. Of course you want it because you are looking for the perfect Home Internet Based Business Opportunity without the bonus you can’t do it.
There are also thousands of Home Internet Based Business Opportunity website’s which are basically complete scams. “Fill out our surveys and we will pay you $100!” Just a guess but that $100 is a voucher where if you spend $1000 you get $100 off the list price. Don’t be a sucker go with the tried and tested.
Here is something to try if you are not sure, type in the product name and then SCAM and see how many results you get, a lot of people promote telling you that something else is a scam but you will find a lot of people will expose a scam once they have found out what it is all about.
If you are serious about you Home Internet Based Business Opportunity then you are not going to want it for free (lets face it who is going to give you everything for free?) A small investment could see you make the difference between making a few bucks to a long term business. The investment could be the information to get you started, a course to learn the information you need or straight forward getting someone to set everything up for you so there is not as much hard work for you to do.