Retail Route Sales Ideas-sell Self Defense Products


Not too many if your town is like most in the country.

That is one of the reasons why becoming an independent distributor of Self Defense Products virtually insures success. Establish a wholesale account today and be the first to market and sell Self Defense Products to retailers and small businesses in your town.

This home based business is fun too

Convenience stores, pawn shops, liquor stores, hardware stores, bowling alleys, independent drug stores, gun shops, motorcycle retailers and just about any place that draws retail traffic is a likely candidate to be a huge success.

You see the products are packaged for retail sales and practically sell themselves. Most people have heard of stun guns and pepper sprays but few have seen them up close.

These products are hard to find, high impulse, have great profit margins and are in great demand.

Identify stores to sell to and get an order. Residual income is a cinch for repeat orders. If you had only 20 stores and made $200 per store that is a nice income for most people. And you get to be your own boss and set your own hours.

You can do this full time or part time. We drop ship directly to you or your customer with your company name on the label. You can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a week.

The products are easy to sell and talk about.

There is no minimum investment other than $3.00 for a 32 page color catalog that you can use to take orders.

Once you get your catalog you can start ordering right away. How hard is that?

What are you waiting for?

Please note: stun guns and pepper sprays have restrictions in some cities and states.

Is A Home Based Travel Agent Business The Right Choice For You

Several various types of companies have the potential to be created in the United States, but only a few of them would actually be successful. The reasons for such a few number of successful businesses are due in large part to the specific location of the company. Some companies are very poorly placed and fail to have a significant number of customers for their company. Other businesses are able to establish themselves on key locations that enable them to have a great spot for publicity and customer growth.

The specific location is sometimes not an issue for many companies, but only the types of products and services that it offers to customers. These types of businesses can often be labeled as home based businesses, where owners and employees work from the comfort of their own homes. This type of business is becoming more and more popular because of all the different things that benefit the business owner.

New business creators should carefully think about the kind of business that would be the most effective and gain the most success. There are many different types of businesses that could be established within a home, but only few of them would actually grow and make profit. Careful consideration and research must be taken long before the business is started in order to see if there exists at least some potential for success.

Probably the most popular home based business right now that has the potential for success is having a personal travel agency. The world today is becoming smaller and smaller with the advancements and installations of new technology and information. People can talk to anyone in the world with the simple click of a button or even the help of a phone.

Going across the globe has become very popular throughout the years because of the enhancements in transportation technology. People can literally travel around the world to pretty much any country they want with the help of leer jets, Concordes, and huge 747s. Having a home based travel agency would definitely not be such a bad idea for starting your own business.

The Internet and many different travel web sites that have been created during last decade or so proves that anyone can qualify to be a travel agent. Most people already are their own travel agents but simply do not recognize the simplicity of the job. If you know how to organize your schedule and find the best price on airfares, then you can be a public travel agent and eventually establish a successful home based travel agency.

Many things can be learned when becoming a personal travel agent, but this can all be accomplished from searching the Internet within the comforts of your own home. A person must remember to do constant research to stay updated with travel trends and to also keep on top of new air travel sites that will be created in the future.

Home Based Business For Women Increasing Your Income Potential Now!

Home based business for women has significantly increased over the last decade. In fact, there has been a huge difference between the women before and the women of today. Nowadays, most ladies own their corporations and are on top of different careers. That is why it is not so surprising that there are a lot of home based businesses for women cropping up here and there. Even those who have opted to stay at home to take care of the family can earn income! Independence and power are now the two most important accessories of 20th century women.

Often times, women have been underestimated only to find that in the end they are the ones who are thriving well during this economic recession. Most would attribute this success to womens intuition and the ability to multi-task! That is why having a home based business for women can be a great way for stay at home moms to earn extra income during their spare time. Here are some great ideas to start with if you have enough time on your hands.

First of all, as a mother or a stay at home woman, you have to know what you are good at and which area of your expertise you would most likely be consistent or performing at. You have to also understand you personality, talents and skills.

One of the best home based businesses for women now is a catering business. If you love cooking as well as entertaining, then why not try your hand at catering for peoples events and parties. You can also be part of an affiliate program such as ACN technology and start earning through residual income.

If, however, you feel like cooking and planning events is too much then you can start with a simpler job which is online writing. This job is pretty convenient for those who do need to stay at home and yet reach far and wide to make money. As long as you have good language skills and creativity, your essay can easily earn you big bucks.

You can also try your hand at MLM network marketing as it is considered to be one of the best home based business for women and men alike today. This endeavour would require a little bit more responsibility from you and most especially dedication and focus. But if you are passionate, a quick learner and have the potential to be a leader, then you can be one of those many people in network marketing who have succeeded and earned thousands and even millions of cash just by doing what they love!

What are the factstruth behind the new movie The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind” is an alien abduction film ‘somewhat’ based on real life occurrences, with an out-of-this planet twist. The story, fixed on a small remote town called Nome, Alaska, is loosely based on the unsolved disappearances of 24 people from the town. The FBI did investigate the disappearances, which took place between the 1960s and 2004, and concluded in 2006 that “alcohol” was the most common factor of the disappearances. Before the FBI concluded the investigation, it was thought that the deaths and disappearances were the product of a local serial killer.

The movie is based on the theory that the missing-persons cases were in fact alien abductions. “The Fourth Kind,” which premiers in theaters on November 6, 2009, features “archival footage” of the “most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.” The ‘footage’ is that of hypnotherapy sessions conducted by a “Dr. Abigail Tyler,” played by Milla Jovovich, and patients who claimed they were abducted.

Confirmed Story: The FBI and Missing residents of Nome Alaska

In 2005, the FBI sent homicide detectives to investigate a chain of unsolved disappearances and deaths in Nome, Alaska. The majority of the victims were Native villagers. Starting in the 1960s to 2004, more than 20 people mysteriously died, or vanished. In 2006, the FBI came to the conclusion that “excessive alcohol consumption and a harsh winter climate” were to blame for the disappearances.

Dr. Abigail Tyler and the “Alaska Psychiatry Journal”

In the movie “The Fourth Kind,” Milla Jovovich plays the part of Dr. Abigail Tyler, the Nome, Alaska, psychiatrist who stumbles upon the ‘alien abduction’ link involving her patients, through clinical hypnotherapy sessions. If you search for Dr. Abigail Tyler, Nome Alaska, a website called “Alaska Psychiatry Journal” provides a “biography” of Dr. Tyler with “related articles” on the topics of sleep disorders, emotional issues, hypnotherapy and regression therapy. However, the website does not contain a homepage or contact information. The website was registered on GoDaddy in August 2009. A real online-medical journal/publication would possess such information, so this leads to the conclusion that the website is a viral marketing ploy, much like the propoganda for the upcoming “2012” movie and the “Institute for Human Continuity.” Sorry to burst your bubble, however this doesn’t rule out that Dr. Tyler could have been based on a ‘real’ doctor; nevertheless if there were, the true account would have made for a much more exciting find.

How To Start A Home Based Business

To Start a Home Based Business does not mean that a person cannot have the official work environment and the fancy paper work,and that it is not a legal business. A home business is an easy way to start making money.The best thing about the home business is that the investment it demands is typically small and easy to handle, also it can be easily managed through simple ways. Anything involving the exchange of goods and money is business, start a home business if you think you can provide something people will buy.

There are a few things that can help the business flounder from the start. First things first, the person starting the home business must have a clear idea of what the people want to buy and what he/she can offer, only then can a business prosper. Analyzing the market before jumping right in the middle of it can prove very useful and can save lots of time and money.

Advertising is very important in business. Internet is the best platform to advertise, it is free, easy, and everyone uses it. One of the basic needs is to create a website or an online account where people can look at the products available from the creator. Promoting a website is not an easy job, one starts from telling their friends and family and goes as far as paying successful bloggers to promote their websites and other SEO methods. Once out in the open market,quality control and an active mind is necessary to keep the business afloat. Using one’s hobbies to help in the business might be a good idea.

Online home business is not always about physical (hardware) goods.There are a lot of people providing tips and advices to people in their respective fields of life. Suppose if someone can play a musical instrument really well, they can teach stuff online and charge their visitors with membership fee etc. if someone is good at giving people psychological advice then they can start a home business about that,the things that matter are being professional, skilled, authentic and legitimate. People do not pay for copied stuff and even the slightest mistakes may turn down a whole business. In this type of work, the person may also need an assistant or an advisor who can share the work load or provide answers to what the publisher him/herself cannot answer. This can be a very healthy practice.

If the person wishes to start a home business selling physical goods then hiring the services of a drop shipper becomes almost necessary. A drop shipper may store your products in their inventory and provide them to customers at the designated time. A customer logs on to the website and places their order. The attendant at the website would then have to inform the drop shipper of the customer’s details(address, contact etc.) and the drop shipper would transport the product, very simple. A home business may be one of the easiest ways to start making money also establishes a firm understanding and work experience of the market.