Send Out Cards Scam Is Send Out Cards A Pyramid Scheme Scam

The Send Out Cards Scam: Are you wondering if the Send Out Cards Opportunity is a scam or a “pyramid scheme?”

First I would like to disclose that I not a reprentative of Send Out Cards nor have I been. I am just an unbiased individual who has experiece in this industry.

So let’s consider, is there a “Send Out Cards scam?” I say definitely not.

Why not? First let’s take a look at the company background.

Send Out Cards was founded by Cody Bateman in 2004. The company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is debt free and currently a privately held.

The company takes a chunk of the 7.5 billion dollar card industry dominated mainly by American Greeting Cards and Hallmark.

Its important to take note that the company is coming up on their sixth year in business and that should tell you something.

To those familiar with Network Marketing laws enforced by the FTC, it becomes obvious quite quickly that Send Out Cards is not only an excellent Network Marketing company, but that they fall within all of the legal requirements of a legitimate home based business in every established economy in the world.

So why would people think Send Out Cards is a Scam?

Regrettably most network marketing companies are generally sterotyped as “scams” .Making matters worse is that the word “scam” is a highly researched word by those doing there due diligence and on line marketers know and exploit the term.

If there is one area that I see where the Send Out Cards distributors are lacking- it is that they fail to exploit technology to thier advantage when it comes to marketing on line.

Some are under the false illusion that leads are easy to acquire.

Many newcomers to the home business join a business first, and THEN figure out then figure that they need to market. In my experience, I’ve learned this is entirely backwards. In order to create the most success possible in business, you need to learn how to MARKET first, and then select a business. Once you know the science of marketing, you can be successful in almost any buisiness endeavor you take on.

That’s actually the reason I put this site together.

Believe me, I understand that it takes a lot of marketing knowledge to learn how to earn a significant income from home, and I wanted to extend a helping hand to people who are either looking at Send Out Cards or who are involved already and help them learn how to recruit people using modern day MLM strategies.

When You Begin Your Internet Home Based Business, Look Out For The Scammers!

These days, why would anyone refuse the idea about an internet home based business in for a living out of the comfort of their home? Each day seems to give more tensions to even just the work commute, not to mention the work day. Even when you can get to work in spite of snowy weather, traffic, and high gas prices, your day seems like it’s over before you begin!

Notwithstanding your excitement in entering this new phase of life, you’re smart to get the right plan first. When you consider multi level marketing, don’t make the same mistake that 98% of MLM reps do. The biggest reason why multilevel marketing has a bad name is that people tend to buy into hope, with no real expectations of giving the business a lot of effort. You’d be wise to learn the truths about these misconceptions and sort out true from false before you waste any time or money.

When considering the idea of a home based business, protect yourself against the possible hurdles that could keep you from success.


Real “pyramid scheme” companies are against the law to operate, and they have no inventory or service for sales. Pyramid scheme companies are against the law, but they’re often confused with the lawful MLM company. A true ‘pyramid scheme’ collapses and leaves the last guy “holding the bag”. On the contrary, a good multilevel company with a good product generally grows stronger with every year, even in difficult economic times. If you’re worried about the pyramid shape, just think of the shape of all big organizations, even including churches and scouts! You always hear “the folks at the bottom do all the work and don’t get the money, but that is not because of when they joined. The problem is that those “people at the bottom” expect a hand out and don’t expect to work. The truth is that, very often, a good downline can prove to be more successful than the sponsor who brought him in.


You can achieve the thousand dollar level, but it doesn’t come without time and hard work. In fact, with most MLM’s, the $1000 level requires 100 or more in your downline. The establishment of an online home based business requires sacrifice of both cash and time. If you can invest a lot of money, then you won’t need to invest as much time; or invest a lot of time and save some money. For those of you who are low in both cash and time, success will be a long time coming! But your success is as sure as your burning desire and devotion. As long as you are very persistent in what you do and don’t give up, it’s very possible to achieve. All you need is tenacity, patience and persistence. Dont make the mistake that so many do when they expect the silver platter. Be attentive to the kind of business opportunity you want to invest in, and treat it as a business, not a lottery ticket.


There is truth in that a new company can bring big money to those who came in at the ground floor, assuming it grows big. But don’t be fooled, because you can expect an admirable MLM business to grow over time. When it comes to making this kind of choice with your life, make sure it’s something you want to devote your time to.


The reality is that people are like sheep and need to be lead constantly. This is even true for who are excited about the business and start off doing well. Bottom line, don’t expect to hang onto your original downline, no matter how good they are. However, there is security in numbers, like all those leads you can find online! If you can get your leads flowing with the right traffic generation procedure, this can turn your internet home based business into a fun venture! You can’t expect your internet home based business to sell your product, but with the right internet traffic, you can expect to build a successful downline!


The truth is that a successful multilevel marketing team knows to build up to expand. The bottom part of your structure is the people you’ve recruited into your business and begin assisting you to market your opportunity. And, when your downline is well trained and follows your duplicable system, they begin to expand your business. The whole establishment rests on you, the foundation of your internet home based business. That duplicable system, the strong foundation, built by you will establish your strong successful internet home based business.

Running A Home Based Business

When you think of the words home based business, what do you think of? Does it make you think of bringing in a large amount of money? Does it bring to mind both financial and personal independence? The truth is that it means different things to different people. A home business can cover a large amount of area as far as what it can involve. For many people it can mean taking a craft or hobby and turning it into a way to make money. For others it can mean becoming involved in affiliate marketing. The type of home business that is chosen will largely be decided by what the individual running it is capable of doing and enjoys.

One of the first things that you need to consider when beginning your home based business is of course the type of business that you will be developing. Do you want to run a business that will not take a large amount of effort and you will not have to spend a lot of time working on? Perhaps you are in for the long haul and expect to put an extreme amount of time and effort into your home business. Once you have decided which type of business you want to become involved in, then you can weed through what is available and make your decision. It should be noted, that most any business will take some amount of effort, however, some will take more than others.

If you are someone that is looking for a home based business that will not take an exceptional amount of effort, there are some options available. A few of them are blogging, data entry and article writing. Now this of course depends on exactly how much work you are planning to do, but these options take a lot less time than many others that are available.

There are many options that will take much, much more time than the ones listed above. Some of these are affiliate marketing, product sales and development and medical transcription. These types of business are more time consuming and will take much more effort on the part of the business owner. These are more intricate, detailed business opportunities and require a certain amount of talent and/or expertise. This does not mean that these are not positions that can be learned, it just means that there will need to be a time to learn these skills, either before or shortly after the business is initiated.

Running a home based business does not have to be difficult. It also does not have to take up all of the time that you have. It is however, important that you realize that there will be work to do and your home based business will not run itself. Anything worth doing is worth putting the effort into. So, before you begin your home business, make sure that you are realistic in the amount of time that you are willing to put toward it.

Your Own Highly Profitable Catering Service

Of all home-based business, there is no question that the catering business is one of the most lucrative and profitable, along with having a high potential for expansion and growth that can be both fun and financially rewarding.

Whether you plan on catering events on a full-time or part-time basis, the opportunities are exceptional.

Each catered event, whether it may be an intimate candlelight dinner for two, or breakfast in bed, birthday parties for children, and company dinner parties for 100. Then, theres bound to be a wedding reception involving a hundred or more guests that will demand a new experience and challenge with another new group of people.

Alternatively, catering is demanding work, requiring staying power, combined with the willingness to work under pressure, and use of your people skills.

There is also no question the extent of your success will greatly depend on your personal reputation, and to develop a good reputation in your business, you must be willing to work hard and posses the talent to work under pressure.

The catering business is definitely growing and becoming more popular with all groups of people, at all income levels.
The Demand for Catering

According to the National Restaurant Associations recent findings, the demand for catering is greater than at any other time. The fact is, caterers are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the restaurant industry.

Catering sales are expected to continue to climb as more and more companies, corporations, civic groups, charities, and individuals call for caterers to host their events.

Such as. catered lunches, cocktail parties as well as dinner meetings to enhance their image and increase the company sales. Its all a matter of keeping up with the competition.

Todays, standard of living has given way to a growing demand for more and more quality food services. In fact, many working homemakers now employ a caterer to supply a magnificent and unforgettable feast for their guests, in place of them laboring for hours, even days, in the kitchen.

In addition, an ever-increasing number of working mothers are having catered birthday and graduation parties, as well as wedding receptions handled by these professionals.

The logic of this is simple, if both are working outside the home, today’s couple just does not have the time or the energy required for a outstanding party.

As a home-based business, catering is attractive because it offers an opportunity for starting a food service business with a much lower initial investment than opening a conventional restaurant.

You can start as small, or as big as your wallet will permit. Your start-up costs will quite naturally, depend on what you put in your kitchen and can range from only $1,000 a much larger amount should you decide to equip a professional kitchen.

Most caterers do their cooking on-site, either using their own facilities or that supplied by their clients. Yet, in any case, you would normally still need to do some prep-work in your own kitchen, for instance the pre-cutting vegetables, and so forth.

To keep your costs down, you can of course, choose to start your business by renting needed items. Such as, renting the part-time use of kitchen facilities, also utensils, china, tables, tablecloths and linens, and other staples.

Obviously, you can start acquiring your own equipment, but doing so only when you have steady and dependable income.
By renting supplies, equipment, and equipment you can use your first few months to build your image, while accumulating some capital for investment and expansion and evaluating how much time and money you want to invest.

Then too, you can also look at the start-up period as a time for uncovering the impact that this business may have on your family.
As To Income

Catering, much as any other business, requires outstanding management and organizational skills. So, your income potential will be contingent on the type and size of the events you serve.

Naturally, your ability to keep your operating costs low, while preserving a high quality service, is above all vital.

In surveying successful caterers across the nation demonstrate the reality that many began with zero capital by working out of their homes, and that their basic start up investment was around $500, while some funded their idea with as much as $15,000 or more in order to get a quicker start.

An in-demand caterer in a large metropolitan area can easily gross over $200,000 plus per year, while a small part-time caterer in a small town can rely on at least $50,000 per year, considered the best in the food and beverage industry.

To keep costs down, many use their house or apartment as their office, also, you can rent a kitchen in an area restaurant on certain days when you have catering events, in addition you can hire temporary help when needed.

Your Background
When considering catering as a profession, youll discover theres no need for any special training or education to become a successful caterer. At the same time, applying for some courses at vocational schools or culinary institutes can help.

Some people begin by working for one or more catering businesses to give themselves an inside look at how the business runs..
In the final analysis, your ultimate success will be precisely related to the consistency of your planning and the working of that plan.
My best advice, simply, understand exactly what your client wants, and give him what he wants.

(Cora Donnblue is the highly experienced and best selling author of, “Start Your Own Highly Profitable Home-Based Catering Business” a step-by-step guide valuable sound advice and practical guidance for easily and quickly creating your own successful business.)

Cora Donnblue

Work From Home Business Ideas Having High Income Potential

Work from home is the new buzz in professional world. After the economic downturn, people have started to realize the importance of work from home business and residual income. During recession, people have seen the worst. People had lost their jobs without having any fault of their own. Moreover, work life balance is becoming more and more remote with increasing pressure of work. Thus, home businesses have become the flavor of the season.

Now, the question is, are you one of them who want to start their own home based business? If yes, then you must be wondering about the right work from home opportunities, suitable for you. Let me tell you at the very onset that there are many frauds related to home businesses. Thus, choosing the right business is a challenge. Thus, let me give you an idea on some of the best business ideas that can earn you lots and lots of money.

1. Online Training is one of the best home businesses that are flourishing at a rapid pace. If you have knowledge on any specific subject then you can teach others over the internet. The payment is usually done on an hourly basis.

2. Virtual Assistant is one of the burgeoning work from home opportunity. Several works are there that dont pay businesses directly. However, these works are needed to be done. Thus, the business houses outsource the job to freelancers or other business entities. Some of these works are article submission, going through the emails, and many more.

3. Affiliate Marketing is a flourishing as well as highly rewarding online business. The affiliates in this marketing set-up get a pre-contracted commission out of every customer conversion. Sometimes, these commissions can range up to a maximum of sixty percent of the total profit. The main idea is to divert traffic from your site to the site of the concerned business. Every viewer converted to customer will earn you a pre fixed commission percentage.

4. Call Centre, as a home based business, is the flavor of the season. Now a day, companies are outsourcing call centre jobs to freelancers, working from their home. The pay is more or less US$ 8 per hour. For more earning, the sales skills become important. Some of the call centers that employ work from home workers include LiveOps, West at Home, Arise, Alpine Access and many more.

5. Website business is another highly profitable home based business. If you have programming skills, web designing knowledge and content development skills then web business is appropriate for you. Today, every business entity needs online presence and that is why the website development business is flourishing like never before.

The above-mentioned topics are the 5 best work from home opportunities. However, it is also advisable that a person should choose such a business that is his or her hobby. If a person works on such a topic that is part of his / her interest then that person is bound to succeed in that domain.